How I defeated Fabiano Caruana in a blitz game!

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Talking about my new book, this all started from a student’s message I received through the Remote Chess Academy website:

I’d love to see Igor Smirnov’s story as a chess prodigy and becoming a Grandmaster in a book or video. An autobiography of GM Smirnov’s chess development, witty advice that worked for advancement, remarkable games and encounters with the Champions (directly or indirectly).

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1. Although this is an autobiography-type book, my goal was NOT to describe my life in great detail. I focused on the main lessons I’ve learnt. My goal was to share with you the best ideas I discovered about chess and training. I’m showing you how I came to those conclusions and why they are so. Hence, you’ll be able to digest the most powerful techniques for chess training/playing and use them in your own practice.

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read bookThe current book, A Promoted Pawn: My Chess Journey, is very different. It does contain a lot of chess games with corresponding analysis. Thus, you will need to have a chess board with you and can review the variations there. Well, if you have outstanding visualization skills, you may avoid using a real chess board – but I would not recommend that.

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4. Besides using chess games and rules, I explain the general ideas and provide you with tips for effective training. If you belong to that group of people who think that chess is all about specific openings and tactics, while all other tips are ‘useless fluff’, then my book is NOT for you either.
chess training5. If you consider yourself to be an expert and think that you don’t need any advice, or that ‘you know everything better’, again, please do NOT buy my book.

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After all, I always provide a money-back guarantee on my products. Hence, you can test it risk-free and decide on your own if it’s worth the price.

I hope that everyone who found themselves described in items 3-5 above stopped reading this. And now, let us move on to the sweetest part. :)

Fabiano Caruana – Igor Smirnov (blitz)
caruana vs igor
Black to play

Initially, I planned to include this game in my new book but then rejected it. It’s just a blitz game, and I’ve found more instructive examples for the book. Anyway, this example demonstrates a few important chess rules. If you have studied my lessons carefully, you’ll find the following moves easily, won’t you? :)

How would you play here as Black? Of course, your task is not just to guess a move. Think about Black’s plan and calculate the variations for a few moves ahead. Then you are welcome to compare your solution with the actual game: LINK

P.S. I don’t want to damage Caruana’s reputation. This was only a blitz game, after all, and he certainly did not play up to his usual performance level, which is of an extremely high standard!