Special offer – final reminder

First, let me remind you that the special 20% discount (you save about $14) on our course “Unlocking the Grandmaster’s Mind – second edition” ends today:)The BONUS lessons included will be essential to you. To know more about this 2ndedition and discount coupon, click here: LINK
Moreover, a student has submitted his feedback about the 2nd edition of the course, and I’d like to share it with you:

Unlocking the Grandmaster’s Mind – second edition and next webinar

Firstly, the next webinar for you will be conducted by IM Attila Turzo on 4 April at 3 p.m. GMT (check timings here: LINK) and the webinar topic will be “A to Z about Isolated pawns”. Find more info about the webinar and join now: LINK
In the previous article, I published a video lesson “Mikhail Botvinnik’s winning method” for you. If you missed that, check it now: LINK
Additionally, I told you that there would be some news about our course “Unlocking the Grandmaster’s Mind”.
Regarding that, I’ve been receiving feedback from some of my students saying that they find it difficult to understand the ideas provided in the course; and a few of them requested republishing the course with some of my own teaching methods and ideas, in such a way that would be easy for them to digest.
Therefore, we’ve decided to update the course and release its second edition:)
But if the thought “What’s new with the 2nd edition?” has already crossed your mind, then here is what is included in the 2nd edition, for you:
  • Around 100 minutes of bonus video lessons prepared by me
  • I’ve answered all the questions received from students about the course
  • I’ve summarized and clarified all the key ideas of the course
  • GM Dlugy’s webinar “How to become a ‘Blitz Master’?” with a text summary of the most powerful ideas
Hence, you can easily digest critical and powerful ideas, and these will improve your play right after the study of the course.
Therefore, I’m very happy to announce that the updated course “Unlocking the Grandmaster’s Mind – 2” has been released today:)

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Additionally, to celebrate this special occasion, I’ll be providing you with a 20% DISCOUNT on the course.
The discount coupon is “20GM2” and will be valid from today (28th Mar.) until 31st Mar. (inclusive). If you don’t know how to use a discount code, please see here: LINK.
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Note: The students who bought the first edition of the course have already been contacted. If you’ve bought the 1st edition, but still haven’t heard from us, please check your spam box or contact us (LINK) and we’ll send you “Unlocking the Grandmaster’s Mind – 2” for FREE:)
Moreover, I’ve prepared a nice video talking about this 2nd edition of the course and the special offer provided. You can watch the video below:
P.S. Don’t miss this great opportunity – the course has been updated for YOU; we’re giving you what you asked for! Get the course: LINK. Have fun and good luck! :)

Mikhail Botvinnik’s winning method and latest news

Today I have a couple of important things to share with you. First, I’ve published a new video lesson “Mikhail Botvinnik’s winning method” for you:)
Mikhail Botvinnik was the World Champion for about 13 long years. And there are definitely a lot of things that one can learn from him and his experience. In this lesson, you’ll learn about the following things:
  • How to dominate your opponent
  • How to restrict your opponent’s counter-plans
  • Improving your own position gradually
  • The most common mistake that almost any chess player makes
  • And much more.
You can watch the video below:
If you enjoyed the lesson, please share the video with your friends and write your comments below. :)
You can find the entire games used in the lesson by downloading the .PGN file here: LINK
We released our course “Unlocking the Grandmaster’s Mind” about 2 months ago. It was prepared by GM Maxim Dlugy, along with the RCA team.
Although many students found the course instructive, we received mixed feedback about it from students.
Some of them were happy, but others didn’t like it that much. In fact, GM Dlugy has provided a lot of valuable ideas, but he did not structure them clearly enough. That’s why some students found it hard to digest the material.
I just wanted to tell you that there might be some upcoming news about this before the end of this week. Therefore, I suggest that you stay tuned:)
P.S. I’m considering visiting one of the following counties: Malaysia, Thailand, Bali (Indonesia). If you live in either of them – please, send a message to my e-mail: gm.smirnov2014@gmail.com We might meet each other soon. :)

Interesting Q&A and final reminder of the webinar

NOW, it’s the FINAL reminder for you to sign up for the upcoming webinar “Chess Talent at a young age”, which will be conducted by IM Alex Kundin onSunday, 22 March at 3 p.m. GMT (check timings HERE). You can find more details about the webinar and what you’ll learn here: LINK
Recently, I conducted my first live ‘Ask me anything’ (AMA) event on ourFacebook page (LINK) and I’m glad that many students took part in the event and had a great time there! :)
Moreover, the questions asked were also quite numerous, so that I almost answered every question in a ‘hurry’ throughout the event. I hope you enjoyed the event and, most importantly, that it was useful for you:)
Therefore, today, I would like to share with you the ‘highlights’ of the event – theinteresting questions and answers.
Question: How can I get an advantage over my opponent who’s also aware of the strategic base principles?
Answer: Most of your opponents are unaware and you have the advantage over them. If they are aware, you just need to keep training and learning new lessons. I constantly publish them on our site (Remote Chess Academy)
Question: What should I do when I’m drowning in calculations?
Answer: “If you find yourself in a pit, firstly stop digging.” Recollect the fundamental positional principles and move accordingly.
Question: GM Igor, who is your favorite chess player? Maybe list your top3 choices in their order that influenced your chess most.
Answer: Capablanca is great in positional understanding. Tal and Nakamura are suitable for mastering attacking/dynamic chess. I’ve had a lot of chess heroes in different phases of my chess development.
Question: I can afford 6 hours a day. How to train efficiently? How much time should I devote to opening preparation, middle game, tactics and strategy, end game?
Answer: That’s a huge question. The answer is in the course “Self-taught Grandmaster” (LINK)
Question: In some games, I reach a point where I have no attacking move or logical move – I feel that nothing is left in the game. How can I proceed in such cases?
Answer: Think about every piece that you have (one after another). What is the ideal position for your every piece? Pick the piece that is the least active (compared to the others) and improve its position.
To be honest, almost each and every question was interesting, but I can’t put them all up here. Therefore, you can find such interesting questions and answers, which might be useful for you, on the ‘AMA’ event post on our Facebook page(LINK).
Additionally, we’ve pinned the ‘AMA’ event post to the top of our Facebook pagefor a few days. Therefore, you can find it easily at the top. Our Facebook page:LINK
Moreover, I provided a 15% discount on all of my courses to those who participated in my ‘AMA’ event to thank them for their interest. As the event went so well, I’ve decided to extend this gift to everyone for the last 2 days.
15% discount
The discount code is “chat15” and will be valid until 22 March (included). If you don’t know how to use a discount code, see here: LINK
P.S. Don’t miss this great opportunity to join the webinar “Chess Talent at a young age” – if you are a player aged around 14-17, you can become a GM in a couple of years too and establish the potential from the young you:) Join now: LINK


Live Webinar

“Chess Talent at a young age”

by IM Alex Kundin


Chess Talent at a young age


IM Alex Kundin

Date:Sunday, 22 March at 3 p.m. (15:00) GMT UK time.

90 minutes.


limited to 100.


Standard ticket only = $10

*Registration will close 2 hours before the webinar begins.


Standard ticket

  • Attend the webinar

  • Submit your games

  • Submit your questions


$10 USD

Buy Now



To know more about webinars, tickets, click HERE!

Chess Talent at young age

You might be aware of the fact that the legendary Garry Kasparov became agrandmaster at the age of 17. Some might have thought that it would take years for someone to break this record.
But a young talent from Norway - Magnus Carlsen, who became a GM at the age of 13, which is amazing, too! :)
Magnus Carlsen and Garry Kasparov
There are also some other players who established their potential in chess and became GM at a young age - for example Karjakin, Negi, Radjabov, Caruana, Giri, Leko and so on. And we may notice that the list of young talents in chess is indeed huge.
But the question is – how do they develop their minds and keep progressing atyoung age? Most importantly, how can they do so very naturally?
Is it because they were born special and became a chess master at an early age? However, their interest inpassion for, and dedication to chess are the most important factors for such glories.
In this webinar, IM Kundin will teach you about the following things:
  • How do some players become a master at an early age?
  • What are the key factors for their success?
  • He will reveal about the chess talent of great players like Aronian, Naidistch and many more.
  • Most importantly, how can YOU establish your talent in your games.

About the host

You may already know Alex Kundin very well from his previous webinar, but still, here is a short description about him:
Alex Kundin
  • International master
  • Former Europe youth champion
  • An experienced chess coach
  • Has an extensive knowledge about chess openings
P.S. Please note that seats are limited to 100 students. If you wish to participate – please register NOW.