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How to register on playchess

Download the script on your computer. The image “download” may help you.

Install the program on your computer. The image “Install” may help you.

Open the script and press Create New Player Name. The image “Create” may help you.

Add your information. The image “Info” may help you.

Click on 1 “Main Playing Hall”.  Click on 2 “Players”. And then click 3 “seek”. The image “Interface” may help you.

Click on Seek and fix the time control you like. Please ok and wait. The image “Seek” may help you.

Enjoy the game and prepare yourself for RCA – Open 2013!

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Another great thing is the of the NEW opening course, “The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory – 2”.


Blitz Champion

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Blitz Tournament of the Year

RCA-Open 2013

3,500 USD in prizes
30 prizes &
18 “lucky winners”
FREE entry

In honour of the World Championship match – Anand-Carlsen –
CHESSBASE and the REMOTE CHESS ACADEMY have joined forces 
to let you have fun, practise your chess and fight for great prizes!

Anand-Carlsen World Championship Match

The greatest chess event will start tomorrow (9 November) in Chennai, India.
2 chess legends – Anand and Carlsen – will fight for the World Champion title!
I’ve asked my friend and a member of our RCA team Sagar Shah (elo 2378) to study the previous games of Anand and Carlsen. In this lesson we are going to investigate the strengths and weaknesses of both players, and evaluate their chances in the upcoming WC match.