How to Win Easily

In this video lesson, I will show you how to create winning chances against most club players, how PRECISELY to take advantage of it, and how you can apply these techniques in your games… without pulling your hairs out. :)
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Caution! Chess Maniacs!

I’m sure you have heard something about mad and obsessive people before. Modern chess players share some of these traits. Today we will discuss chess “maniacs”. :)
1.Tactical maniacs. 
These are chess players who solve thousands of tactical puzzles daily. There are 2 major reasons for this mania.
–> First, it is an obvious way of training. Get a tactical puzzle, solve it, get the next one etc…. This reminds me an old dictum: “Every problem has an obvious incorrect solution”:)
This training method is really simple, BUT it takes a lot of time and gives only a little practical effect.