First, let me remind you of the next RCA webinar “Webinar in Defense”, which will be conducted by IM Valeri Lilov on Saturday, 18 July at 10 a.m. New York time (check timings here: LINK). If you want to know more details about the webinar and how to join it, please see here: LINK

As a chess player and as a fan, many of you would be aware that “International Chess Day” falls on 20 July. And yes, in Remote Chess Academy, we’d like to celebrate this amazing chess festival with you:)
celebrate So, how are we going to celebrate this great event?
We’re planning to conduct a one-week campaign from 13-20 July. This campaign is aimed at chess fans (as well as non-chess fans) all over the world and hopes to contribute to the development of the chess game. This one-week campaign will be more fun and educative.
We’ve created a separate celebration page for this purpose. You can find all details about this festival here: LINK
We’ll be conducting various events, providing you with some instructive articles and lessons, and last, but not least, we’ll be providing you with some exciting offers:)
partySo let me explain them, one by one.

“I love chess” campaign

First, on Monday, 13 July, we’ll be conducting an event called the I love chess” campaign. To participate in this event, you need to send your chess photo – a photo of you playing a chess game or holding your favorite chess piece or any photo of you that is related to chess.
Note: a picture of ANY quality is accepted for this “I love chess” event!
Along with that photo, you can explain in a few words the reason why you love chess and play the game. Additionally, if you love RCA (I hope you do:)), you can mention that too along with the reason why.
The “I love chess” campaign will be conducted from 13-15 July (inclusive).

My second “Ask me anything” (AMA) event
I’ve some cool news for you. I’ll be conducting my second “Ask me anything” (AMA) event on “International Chess Day”, Monday, 20 July at 10 a.m. New York time (check timings here: LINK). :)
This time, my AMA event will be conducted on Reddit (LINK). If you don’t know about Reddit, and to find more details about how to ask me questions during my AMA event, please see here: LINK
So stay tuned and we’ll be sharing the link of the page where my AMA event will be conducted! :)

Special offers
And yes, the coolest part is that I’ll be providing you with some amazing offers to celebrate this memorable day.

Offer #1

On 19 and 20 July, you’ll get 10 x RCA Points on your purchase(s). If you don’t know about RCA Points, please see here: LINK
To keep it simple, let me provide an example. Generally, if you purchase an RCA product worth 200 USD, you will get 200 discount points and you can use those 200 points to get a 2 USD discount on any product.
But during the 19th and 20th July, you’ll get 10 x RCA Points – so it will be a massive 2000 points in the above example. :)
If you don’t know how to use your existing RCA Points, please see here: LINK

Offer #2

If you take part in the above-mentioned “I love chess” campaign, you’ll get a huge 30% discount on IM Lilov’s webinar “Webinar in Defense” (LINK), which will be conducted on Saturday, 18 July.
We’ll contact via email those who participated in the “I love chess” campaign and provide them with the discount. :)
Additionally, if you take part in the “I love chess” campaign, you can also get a question answered by me – during the campaign, you’ll be given a chance to submit your question. And I’ll be answering that question on my AMA event on Reddit on 20 July.

  • International Chess Day Celebration page: LINK
  • “Webinar in Defense” by IM Valeri Lilov: LINK
  • New York timings (for Lilov’s webinar and my AMA event): LINK
  • How to ask questions on my AMA event: LINK
  • What are RCA Points: LINK
  • How to use RCA Points: LINK
  • How to create your own RCA Account: LINK
  • RCA Knowledge Base: LINK
  • RCA Support/Contact: LINK