About a month ago, I wrote in an article that I had watched the trailer of the movie “Pawn Sacrifice”, which is about the World Chess Championship Match – 1972 between Fischer and Spassky, and that I liked the trailer and was happy to see chess in mainstream cinema.
Today, we’re going to take a ride into ‘Fischer’s pawn sacrifice’. :) It was the tenth game of the World Championship 1972, where Fischer made a pawn sacrifice that transformed the entire position.
During the event, Spassky had all the support of the Soviet Union, what was then called the “Soviet chess machine”, while Fischer had a much less support.
But the essential thing that Fischer had was outstanding preparation.
preparationTo discuss this, and to analyse this beautiful piece of the gameIM Valeri Lilov has prepared a very instructive video for you. :) It is to honour the famous pawn sacrifice that Fischer made in that game.
You can watch the video lesson “Bobby Fischer’s pawn sacrifice” below:

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