Some players may have lethargic thoughts about the endgame stage – that it’s the final stage of the game and that not much importance is to be given to it. Similarly, there are some players who give a lower priority to the opening stage as well.
However, these opinions are not right. Let me help you understand this with a practical example. Take a look at the three-wheeler car below:
Now let me ask you a question. What will happen if any of the three wheels is weak/loose or removed? The answer is simple: the car will lose its balance and will eventually crash
This applies for chess too. You need to have a well-developed understanding of all the three stages of the chess game in order to balance yourself.
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In the other course, “Killer Grand Prix”, you’ll learn about a powerful opening weapon – the Grand Prix Attack against the Sicilian Defence.
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Finally, I’d like to mention a little technical note about these courses. Since they are very large in size (about 1 GB), we have split the files to make it easy and convenient for you to download and study them.
In case that you buy “Killer Endgame”:
  • No. of DVD – 1
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Finally, our guest coach GM Levan Aroshidze has prepared a very instructive video lesson about the opening “Grand Prix Attack”.
The video is about the famous game played between Nisipeanu and So.
nisipeanu-soYou can watch the video below:

New Course: