Recently, lots of students have asked me to adapt my courses for iPad/iPhone, tablet computers, etc. I’ve just found a good way to do so easily and really nicely. Moreover, it will simplify and improve the learning process for you in many ways.
chess learning
I’m going to move my courses to the “Udemy” learning platform. So, what is Udemy?
Udemy is the world’s online learning marketplace, where 7 million+ students are taking courses in everything from programming to yoga to photography – and much, much more.
I’ve already moved the FREE mini-course “The Secrets of Strong Chess Players” here: LINK
secretTherefore, now you can get the following benefits:

  • Learn my courses on virtually any device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.)
  • NO technical issues – at all! You learn the courses online. Hence, you don’t need to download them, decompress them or do anything else.
  • The course is with you anywhere. You access the course through the internet, from any location.
  • The course is with you forever. Even if something happens to your computer, you can’t lose the course – it’s on the internet. :)
  • You can communicate with other like-minded students who are studying the same course.
  • nice design and smooth transition between the lessons make it easy and enjoyable to study.
wowYou may give it a try yourself here: LINK
Even if you have studied this mini-course in the past, I always recommend that you repeat studying important lessons a few times. Only then do you develop a real SKILL that you can apply in a practical game.
These lessons are one of the most popular things I’ve ever done – they have already collected around 500,000 views on YouTube. It’s definitely worth giving it a go, as it contains powerful information:)
secrets of strong chess playersLet me ask you two quick things.
  • Please let me know your opinion of this new way of presenting my lessons – the Udemy platform. Do you like it? Would you prefer to have all my courses work like that? Feel free to share your opinion in comments below.
  • If you enjoyed the mini-course “The Secrets of Strong Players”, please rate it on here (LINK). It will take only a few seconds to leave some feedback, and I’ll really appreciate it. Thank you! :)
designThere is a famous quote by the ‘endgame-expert’, Capablanca:
“To improve at chess, you should in the first instance study the endgame.”
- Jose Capablanca
jose capablancaI’ve often said that the endgame stage is like an ocean – there are a lot of things that you can learn about endgames, like theoretical positions, fundamental positions, endings with different pieces, checkmating patterns and lots more.
To help you UNDERSTAND and surf this ocean easily, we’ll be adding a new premium video about endgames to our shop. :)
surfTalking about chess openings, we conducted a survey few weeks ago to hear your requests for our future opening courses. Many of you preferred courses on the “Sicilian Defence” opening and some 1.d4 openings.
Recently, we released the course the “Bogo-Indian Defense” (LINK) as a way of fulfilling your wishes for 1.d4 openings.
newFor the “Sicilian Defence” opening, we’ll be adding a premium video which is about a famous variation of the Sicilian. It is the “Grand Prix Attack”.
Therefore, extending our duty to provide the BEST lessons and courses for you, the two new products from GM Simon Williams we’ll be adding to our shop are “Killer Endgames” with GM Nick Pert and “Killer Grand Prix” with GM Gawain Jones:)
They will be released on Thursday 27 August. Stay tuned, as I may be providing you with some huge offers!
stay tuned
Finally, I’d like to confirm one small but important point. In recent times, we’ve been providing you with video lessons and courses from our guest coaches and partners. At the same time, I take part in everything that RCA produces. Even if a lesson is recorded by another author, I supervise this process, making sure that you get a high-quality lesson.
P.S. I’ll be sharing my own review of the two products – “Killer Endgames” and “Killer Grand Prix” – with you very soon. :)

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