Blitz Tournament of the Year

RCA-Open 2013

3,500 USD in prizes
30 prizes &
18 “lucky winners”
FREE entry

In honour of the World Championship match – Anand-Carlsen –
CHESSBASE and the REMOTE CHESS ACADEMY have joined forces 
to let you have fun, practise your chess and fight for great prizes!

The basis for success in chess is to keep the right balance between learning, practice and fun. During the WC match, which starts on 9 November 2013 and which will be broadcast in detail here on, you will have the opportunity to learn a lot by watching the games and listening to the commentators in various languages. Without doubt, you will have plenty of fun watching both players fight for the highest honour in the game.
Furthermore, you will not just be a spectator in this important moment for the chess world. When both players take a break on Saturday 23rd November, and get themselves ready for the final stage of the match, you will have the opportunity to practise your own skills, show everything you have learnt in the first days of the match and have some fun in a great blitz tournament on, in the

RCA-Open 2013

This will be a 13-round Swiss tournament, played with 3 minutes + 2 seconds increment per move. It is open to anyone – no serial number for playchess is required (free entry).
All you have to do is download the client on to your machine, create an account and play in the event. For details, see Here you will find instructions on how to download the software and create an account.
The event is a human-only tournament. It is forbidden to use a computer, especially an engine, as help for finding your moves. All games will be controlled for engine use.
In order to improve your competitive mood, we are offering some attractive PRIZES, worth approximately 3,500 USD.

Place 2:
Place 3:
Place 4:
Place 5:
Place 6:
Places 7 & 8:
Places 9 & 10:
Places 11 & 12:
Places 13 &14:
Places 15 to 20:
Places 21 to 30:
ChessBase 12 Mega-Package
USD 300 Voucher for products of RCA
USD 250 Voucher for products of RCA
ChessBase 12 Starter-Package
USD 200 Voucher for products of RCA
USD 150 Voucher for products of RCA
ChessBase Mega-Database 2014
USD 100 Voucher for products of RCA
Deep Fritz 14
USD 75 Voucher for products of RCA
6-month premium membership to
6-month standard membership to
  • You can observe the above-mentioned ChessBase products (prizes) here: LINK
  • RCA = Remote Chess Academy, and you can check its products here:LINK
  • Voucher is equivalent to the money that you can spend on a purchase of RCA products

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