Mikhail Botvinnik’s winning method and latest news

Today I have a couple of important things to share with you. First, I’ve published a new video lesson “Mikhail Botvinnik’s winning method” for you:)
Mikhail Botvinnik was the World Champion for about 13 long years. And there are definitely a lot of things that one can learn from him and his experience. In this lesson, you’ll learn about the following things:
  • How to dominate your opponent
  • How to restrict your opponent’s counter-plans
  • Improving your own position gradually
  • The most common mistake that almost any chess player makes
  • And much more.
You can watch the video below:
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You can find the entire games used in the lesson by downloading the .PGN file here: LINK
We released our course “Unlocking the Grandmaster’s Mind” about 2 months ago. It was prepared by GM Maxim Dlugy, along with the RCA team.
Although many students found the course instructive, we received mixed feedback about it from students.
Some of them were happy, but others didn’t like it that much. In fact, GM Dlugy has provided a lot of valuable ideas, but he did not structure them clearly enough. That’s why some students found it hard to digest the material.
I just wanted to tell you that there might be some upcoming news about this before the end of this week. Therefore, I suggest that you stay tuned:)
P.S. I’m considering visiting one of the following counties: Malaysia, Thailand, Bali (Indonesia). If you live in either of them – please, send a message to my e-mail: gm.smirnov2014@gmail.com We might meet each other soon. :)