Review of my book by an International Master

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designSecond, I’d like to share with you a message I received from IM Dejan Stojanovski (you can check his FIDE profile here). He has studied my new book and has provided a review of it.
Dejan Stojanovski
Name: Dejan Stojanovski
Country: Skopje/Macedonia

Title: International Master (IM)

FIDE Rating: 2442

About him: Dejan is an International Master and also a FIDE instructor. He is a chess coach with a FIDE rating of 2442. Dejan also has his own chess school. He has been working as a professional coach for more than eight years and has more than 40 chess students online. He has won the World Youth Under-18 Blitz and several tournaments.
Dejan’s Review:

Hi, I’m Dejan Stojanovski and I just read Igor’s new book, “A Promoted Pawn: My Chess Journey”. I’d like to share my thoughts of this book.

My general feeling is that this is a very good book and it will make bigger and richer the chess literature. Igor tries to describe the difficulties that chess players face in their personal journey for the GM title. Finally, he managed to succeed and he won the coveted title. The title of the book is very interesting and I agree with author’s point of view.

I’ve kept 11 pages notes for myself. At some points Igor says really cool things. :)

As a negative point, I can say that you are repeating yourself at some points. For example, you wrote a free video about time pressure. In one chapter of the book you mention again what we should do with time. In another chapter you say what could be the endgame plan. You had described it in the course Endgame Expert. In any case these are very minor issues, and my general feeling is that it is important to repeat the knowledge from time to time. :)

I’d like to congratulate the author’s writings style. It is very clear that Igor is good chess coach. The chapters are well selected and the language is clear and convincing. I like the conclusions that he quotes at the end of every chapter.

In addition to other chess books, Igor combines the chess training with psychology. I must admit that this is very interesting and effective approach.

Thanks a lot for providing your feedback Dejan! :)