Attend GM Igor Smirnov’s seminar in India

Today, I have some great news for you. I’m going to bring my seminars to India. :) It’s a great pleasure for me to see the large number of students from India who have achieved excellent results. Additionally, a lot of team members of the Remote Chess Academy (RCA) are from India, too.

All these people have been inviting me to come to India. Finally, I’ve decided to give it a try. Therefore, in the second part of October, I’ll be visiting different Indian cities for my seminars. I’d like to invite you to join these events.
gm igor smirnov live seminar

Each will consist of a one-day seminar, covering two parts:

  • In the first part, you will be able to play in the simul against me.
  • The second part is my lecture, where I’ll be sharing some of my knowledge with you and answering your questions

Another good bit of news is that I’ve decided to keep the price really cheap. Hence, almost everybody can attend. The price for the seminar (simul and lecture) will be Rs. 500 – which is less than 8 USD. It’s a lot cheaper than I normally charge for my one-hour lesson.

Therefore, this is a completely unique opportunity at a price that can’t really be any lower than this. :) Unfortunately, a lot of people in India can’t afford a high price – that’s why I’ve decided to keep it really low, so that everyone can join in and we can have a big event and a lot of fun each time.
gm igor smirnov simul
The first seminar will take place in Vellore on Saturday, 17 October. You’re welcome to prepare yourself for the event if you live somewhere near that part of the country.

After that, I plan to hold several more seminars in another few cities in southern India, mainly Tamil Nadu.

Below is a draft plan; and once I get the final confirmation of the cities, I’ll publish more details:

  • 18 or 19 October – Chennai
  • 25 October – Trichy
  • 26-27 October – 1-2 other cities. The candidates are Pondicherry and Kanyakumari.

Note: this is just a draft idea. In a few days, I’ll clarify everything and publish the exact information. As of now, my first seminar in Vellore is confirmed.

By the way, if you think that you could contribute to the organization of my seminars (for instance, if you live in Chennai or other cities in southern India), you’re welcome to contact us – just send an e-mail to

Finally, let me invite everyone to attend a seminar. It is a relatively unique and pretty cool event. It will also be my first live seminar. :) It will be fun and very beneficial for you. Please invite your friends to join us as well.

Also, be ready to get a ticket for the seminar quickly, as we expect a lot of people to come, and I’m afraid that, at some point, I will have to stop selling tickets for each seminar if we reach a particular level of participation.

Therefore, once each event is announced and the tickets are ready, be ready to grab them as soon as you can.
P.S. Please stay tuned. In a few days, I’ll provide more detailed information.