Get your ticket for GM Igor Smirnov’s seminar in Vellore

As you might be aware, I am going to host several of my seminars in different cities in India. I’m happy to let you know that the first seminar is confirmed – it will take place in Vellore on Saturday, 17 October.

I invite you to attend this event and I’m sure that you will learn a lot and that we will have a lot of fun during the day. This will be a one-day event – it will start at 9:00 in the morning and run till 18:00 IST (check timings here).

During the seminar, you will attend my lecture where I will be sharing with you some highly important material about chess that will help you boost your chess progress, and you will be able to put your questions to me directly and get my answers right away.

After that, you will be able to play in the simul against me. Moreover, if you are lucky enough to win your game in the simul, you will get a special prize from me. :) Also, you will be able to take part in the photo session and get your photo taken with me.
gm igor smirnov live seminar
There will be some informal communication, too. You will be able to meet a lot of new friends amongst chess players just like you. :) So this will be a highly beneficial event and a lot of fun for everybody.

The price for the whole seminar (simul and lecture) is REALLY cheap – it’s only Rs. 500, which is a lot cheaper than my usual rate. Normally, I charge at least $100 for my one-hour lesson.

So, you can see Rs. 500 (which is about $8) is a really low price – and here you pay for a whole day of interaction with me. This is a unique opportunity. I do this only as a favor to my Indian friends and students, and I think that the price will never be any lower than this.

By the way, I understand that a lot of students suggested their native city as a place for the seminar. I understand that it’s more convenient for you to attend the seminar in your own city.
However, please understand that India is a huge country, while my time is limited, and that I cannot visit all cities. Therefore, my itinerary will be limited to four or five cities only and all of them will be in the southern part of India, most likely in Tamil Nadu state.

europe to india
That’s why you are welcome to travel to the nearest city to you and attend the seminar. I’m making a long and expensive trip from Europe to India to hold a seminar for you.
Also, I’m not getting any profit from this event – I’m doing it for you. And the little money that you pay for the event will be used for the organizational expenses.

Hence, I hope it should not be a problem for you to travel from one city to another inside India. Even the ticket that lets you cross the whole country costs less than $50. And if you don’t need to cross the whole country, then you can attend the seminar even more cheaply and more easily.

Therefore, if you really want to boost your chess progress, to interact with me, and to attend this unique event, then you’re most welcome to join in.
gm igor smirnov live seminar
Finally, since there are a lot of people who wish to attend this event, unfortunately we have to implement some restrictions. The seminar is open to 300 people only and once 300 tickets for the seminar are sold, registration will be closed.

Also, there is a limitation of 150 people for the simul. Only the first 150 registrants will be able to attend BOTH the lecture and the simul. The next 150 registrants will be able to attend the lecture, but for the simul, they will only be able to observe it but not play themselves.

That’s why you should hurry up. As you can see in the comments below, there are a lot of people who are interested and planning to come. So if you wish to attend, you really need to act quickly – reserve your seat now and make sure that you get the best from this event.

Once again, it will be my pleasure to meet with you personally after such a long time of interaction via the internet. I’m sure that it will be highly beneficial for you and I look forward to meeting you soon.
gm igor smirnov live seminar

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