My live ‘Ask me anything’ event

 the previous article, I made the announcement that I’ll be conducting a live event on our Facebook page (LINK) where I’ll be answering your questions.
Therefore, I’m very happy to announce that my live event “Ask me anything” (AMA) will be conducted on Wednesday 18 March. And the duration of the event is 2 hours.
ask me anything
The exact time of the event will be announced only on our Facebook page (LINK) very soon. Therefore, you can simply ‘Like our page and stay tuned, so that you won’t miss our updates! :)
Moreover, I’m very excited to host this event as this will be the first time that I’m going to have a live chat with you:) So, don’t miss this great opportunity.
Also you can spread the word and let your friends know about this! Moreover, you can even use the hashtag #AskGMSmirnov while sharing this information onTwitterFacebook or even Google plus.
For more details about the event, please click on the below image:
AML_8093 copy

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Therefore, all you need to do is pretty simple:
  • Like’ our Facebook page: LINK
  • Stay tuned and check our updates (for instance, to know the exact time)
  • Use the hashtag #AskGMSmirnov for the event and spread the word
  • Shoot your questions to me during the event!
I’ll see you soon at the event! :)
As usual, let’s finish this article with an interesting puzzle. Below is a position from the game played between two top GMs: Aronian and Nakamura.
It is White’s turn now. How can he make use of his well-placed bishop and knight? Can you find a way to ‘go ahead’? :)
After calculating all possible variations, you may check the answer here: LINK



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