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Recently, I noticed that most students were asking about getting private coaching from me. I’m happy that you’re enjoying my video lessons and courses but, unfortunately I have a busy schedule and certainly cannot spend much time on private coaching.
Note: you can still learn from my video lessons (LINK) and my courses (LINK), and I’ll also be conducting some webinars.
Also, some of my students wanted to have a nice chat with me through e-mail. I don’t want to disappoint those students who were asking for my private coaching and wanted to have a chat with me.
Therefore, I’ve decided to conduct a live event “Ask Me Anything” on our Facebook page (LINK), where you can ask me any question you want to, aboutchessmyself and RCA:)
Igor Smirnov
The event will be conducted for about 1-2 hours. I’ll reveal more details about the event (date and time, etc.) in the following days. Therefore, keep in touch with us and catch our updates:
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So, don’t miss this great opportunity to have a live chat with me! :)
Finally, let’s finish off this article with a nice and instructive endgame:)
White to move
White is a pawn up and it seems like there is not much of an obstacle to the h-pawn being promoted. Can you find a way for White to win here?
After calculating all possible variations, you may check the answer here: LINK.



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