‘AMA’ event reminder and Chess talent at young age

As you may already know, my live ‘Ask me anything (AMA) event has already started on our Facebook page (LINK). If you ever wanted to ask me some questions about chessthen this is the great opportunity for you:)
Ask Me Anything
All you need to do is go to our Facebook page (LINK), find the post of the event, and ask your questions by commenting on that post ONLY.
Note: You can find all the details here: LINK You may also spread the word and share this info with your friends, and use the hashtag #AskGMSmirnov :)
There are some players who developed their potential in chess and became GM at their young age itself. For instance, the young talent from Norway and chess prodigy, Magnus Carlsen, became a grandmaster at the age of 13, which is amazing! :)
Magnus Carlsen and Garry Kasparov
There are many such players, like Karjakin, Negi, Radjabov, Caruana, Giri and Leko. The list of young talents in chess is indeed huge.
But the question is – how do they develop their minds and keep progressing atyoung age? Most importantly, how can they do it naturally?
Is it because they were born special that they became a chess master at an early age? However, their interestpassion, and dedication in chess are the most important factors for such glories.
You may think about this yourself till this Sunday. If your question is “Why this Sunday?” then here is the answer for you – we’ve invited our guest coach IM Alex Kundin to discuss about the above topic.
Therefore, this Sunday, 22 March at 3 p.m. GMT (check timings here: LINK) IM Alex Kundin will host the webinar “Chess Talent at young age” for you! :)
You can find more details about the webinar by clicking the below image:

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I guess you already know him very well from his previous webinar, but here is a short description about him:
Alex Kundin
  • International master
  • Former Europe youth champion
  • An experienced chess coach
  • Has an extensive knowledge about chess openings
Additionally, IM Kundin has something cool for you – he has prepared an instructive video lesson for you on the above topic! :) You can watch it below: