New E-book: Chess Opening Fundamentals

When you come to play a chess game, it’s important to start it properly. Otherwise, you risk falling into an ‘opening disaster’ and lose your game quickly.

There are plenty of tutorials that show you tons of different opening variations. It seems helpful. But how can you remember all that information? In reality, it can rather confuse you than help you.ConfusedThat’s why we have created an e-book called “Chess Opening Fundamentals”.

What is the e-book about?

The e-book is a collection of RCA opening articles and video lessons. This e-book contains simple yet very practical tips to make your opening play powerful and error-free.

We have made it very simple for you by providing all our opening lessons into a single e-book. Even if you had studied these lessons in the past, it’s always better to study them again to digest the ideas well. Simply put, it’s time to brush up on your opening knowledge. :)Chess Opening Fundamentals E-bookThe e-book is completely FREE and is available for download. You can download the e-book now by clicking here.

Finally, I just wanted to mention something. We really did put some efforts into creating this e-book, thereby providing you with all our opening lessons into a single ‘capsule’.

Therefore, after studying this e-book, please let us know your valuable feedback about it. You can write in the comments below or leave us a message here. Happy Reading! :)