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A few days ago, we launched a FREE e-book for you called “Chess Opening Fundamentals”. This e-book is a collection of RCA opening articles and video lessons.
Chess Opening Fundamentals E-bookThis e-book contains simple, yet very practical tips to make your opening play powerful and error-free. You can find more info. about this e-book and download it here.

Now that I have already provided you with some unique advice on how to improve your opening play in the e-book, you might want to improve even further in this field; therefore, I recommend that you study our opening courses.

Since I know that, for some of you, it might be difficult to pay the full price for some of my courses, once again I’d like to help you improve your opening skills by providing you with a huge 30% DISCOUNT on all our opening chess courses! :)
30% discountWhy should you study our opening courses?

  • To get a clearer and deeper understanding of openings
  • To enjoy the powerful and instructive practical tasks
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Moreover, you’ll get a 30% discount!

Note: the courses shown in the above link are already at their discounted prices. Therefore, you need not use any coupon.

I’d also like to make another important note. “The GM’s Opening Lab-2” is an independent, stand-alone course. Therefore, it is NOT mandatory to take “GM’s Opening Lab-1” prior to taking this course.

I’d like to elaborate further on this. “The GM’s Openings Lab-2″ actually costs USD $98. Hence, you may be wondering why this course is more expensive. There are a few reasons:

  • Reason-1: Together with the course, “The GM’s Opening Lab-1”, it gives you a COMPLETE opening repertoire – ALL the openings you need. Hence, you will get All-In-One, which will ultimately save you an awful lot of money.
  • Reason-2: No matter what I write here, sceptical people may think that it’s just a self-advertisement. That’s why I will not write anything else. :) Instead, let me provide a small conversation between two people. I took the following screenshot from this page (scroll down it to the comments area).
Student Feedback
In addition to that, now you get a MASSIVE 30% discount on this course (along with all other opening courses).

Note: this offer will be valid from today (20 April) until Monday, 25 April only.