Top chess lessons of 2015 and how to study courses in Udemy

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designAdditionally, since you have to study the new courses (and the upcoming courses) in the Udemy Platform, I’d like to guide you with a small and simple tutorial.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to study the course you purchased in Udemy. You can watch that video below:

Also, you can find the FAQs in our Support section about studying our courses in Udemy. For instance, you can learn about the course usage and pre-order questions. If you still have any doubts or problems, feel free contact our Support.
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Top-3 Chess Lessons of 2015 - SummaryBased on the number of views and ‘likes’, we have selected the top-three video lessons of 2015 from our YouTube Channel and summarized each one. You can download the PDF summary by clicking here.

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