GM Igor Smirnov’s seminar in Thrissur

Firstly, I’d like to invite you to my upcoming live seminar in India. It will take place in Thrissur on Saturday, 31 October 2015. The seminar will consist of two lectures and a simul.

This will be the last seminar of my trip to India and, therefore, the last chance for you to get my personal training live.

GM Igor Smirnov seminar

NOTE: Seats are limited, and only the first 150 registrants are allowed to play in the simul.

As I have written above, the seminar will consist of two lectures and a simultaneous. The seminar will take place at the following venue:

Hotel Kovilakom Residency, Kovilakathumpadam, Tuda Road, Peringavu Bypass Road, Thrissur, Kerala 680022 Mr. Anil Kumar (M) 94462 30888

Also, only the first 150 registrants will be able to take part in the simul. As I wrote here, if you really want something – you can always find a way to do it. Otherwise, you’ll come up with a lot of excuses…

Therefore, I hope you won’t miss this great opportunity to attend my seminar (two lectures) and play against me in the simul. It will definitely be beneficial for you, and we all can have fun for the whole day! :)

I’ll be happy to meet you at my last Indian seminar in Thrissur. As usual, seats are limited, while there are lots of people who wish to attend.

You can find all the details (registration, schedule, simul) about the seminar by clicking the image below:
GM Igor Smirnov seminar

P.S. My birthday will be on October 28th! Keep calm and stay tuned as I will provide some nice offers :)