In my previous article, I informed you that we’d have some new and interesting material in June. That’s why, today, I’m very excited to announce that we have a new premium video added to our RCA Shop. :)
First, let me clarify for you that we’re NOT just providing you with random products/study material. As I often say, in an effort to give YOU the best, we’re providing you with high-quality chess lessons.
Remember the tip: what matters is the QUALITY of your learning and not the quantity!
Students have asked me many times for my opinion about DVDs by various chess authors. I don’t want to praise or criticize any particular author. Instead, I can reveal my opinion of them in general.
There are a lot of strong players in the world. Unfortunately, when it comes to coaching:
  • Some of them don’t have a real desire to teach you anything (they just make money out of it).
  • Some do not have coaching skills. They can play well but can’t explain how they do so.
In either case, DVDs produced by such players are rather superficial, and you can hardly learn anything from them.
Moreover, finding a good author/coach/DVD is very difficult. Anyway, I’ve already started doing this for you. :) Over the last months, I’ve watched a lot of DVDs and will share the best ones with you soon.
Currently, we’ve found a very instructive course “Middlegame Pawn Structures” by GM Ivan Sokolov. What I really like about Sokolov is that he’s not only a very strong player, but he can also EXPLAIN his ideas clearly and in great detail.
Let me emphasize once again that it’s a unique course, and it was very hard for me to spot it amongst hundreds of superficial tutorials.
In this course, you’ll learn about the following:
  • typical middlegame pawn structures
  • the main plans
  • how these general ideas are implemented in practical games
  • and many other things
Knowledge of typical pawns structures, together with corresponding strategic ideas and tactical motives, helps tremendously! These pawn configurations may arise from various openings.
It’s very instructive to see HOW a top-level Grandmaster explains these ideas and reveals what he thinks about during real games.
Personally, I enjoyed the Sokolov’s product a lot. He’s a very solid man, and looks a bit like ‘a professor’, but his lessons are both very instructive and interesting. I’ve discovered a lot of useful ideas and hope you’ll like it, too. :)
That’s why, today, I’m very glad to announce that we’ve added the premium video of GM Ivan Sokolov on the topic “Middlegame Pawn Structures” to our shop. Additionally, I thought of providing you with a discount during the first few days, to celebrate this ‘announcement’!
Therefore, you can get the premium video “Middlegame Pawn Structures” by GM Ivan Sokolov with a huge 30% discount (you save about $9)! :) Just use the coupon “soko30“ when placing your order.
  • If you don’t know how to use a discount code, please see here: LINK
  • The discount code will be valid from today until 7 June (inclusive).
So, don’t miss this great opportunity – hurry up and grab the premium video with the discount!
And the coolest part is that you will also get an RCA premium video absolutely FREE with every GM Sokolov product you purchase! :)

Moreover, I’d like to show you a preview of the product – you can watch the demo video of the course below:



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