Lessons from Anand – Carlsen PART-2

Today you’ll learn several new bits of advice from the Anand – Carlsen World Championship match.
Before we move on to the video lesson, let me share some good news with you.
A lot of students asked about adapting my chess courses for Mac computers. I’m glad to inform you then, that we’ve created Mac version of “The Grandmaster’s Secrets” course.
We are now finalising the technical preparations and will publish it on our website in few days.
NOTE: There will be a special discounted price for “The Grandmaster’s Secrets” course during the first few days of this release. So don’t forget to check your e-mail :)

Here comes the second part of the lesson,

“What can we learn from the Anand – Carlsen World Championship Match?”

With this video you’ll polish your endgame technique. You’ll learn, too, how to seize victory even in equal positions.
Sagar Shah, a member of our Remote Chess Academy, has prepared an extensive analysis of the second part of the recent WC match. Without further ado, let’s get started.