Ukraine Wins Women’s World Championship

Several days ago, the Women’s World Team Championship finished. The final results were:
  1. Ukraine
  2. China
  3. Russia
A useful question we can ask ourselves is, “WHY are some teams on the podium, while others cannot reach it?”

Obviously it’s NOT because talented are people born in certain countries constantly. :)
Government support of chess in the Ukraine (and in Russia) is minimal.
So WHY do they keep wining? By the way, in December, a Ukrainian GM, Anna Ushenina, won the Women’s World Champion title.
The answer, as it turns out, is actually quite simple: some teams get greater results CONSTANTLY because they have a better system of training.
Ukraine and Russia had an excellent “chess school” (in a broad meaning) in the past and continues to get good results from it. China also develops its teaching system now (by inviting coaches from the former USSR :)) .
Of course, a proper training brings good results not only at the top level, but for beginner/intermediate players as well.
Here’s an e-mail that I recently received from one of my students:
Dear sir,
I started playing chess 1 year ago. I bought your course 6 months ago. I studied your course Gm secret,opening labratory & end game expert. Then participate 15th prime bank international rating chess tournament 2013 dhaka Bangladesh. (my first tournament) I got 1870 fide rating facing 9 rated player and got 5 points.
In 2nd tournament I also got 5 point 9th Borisal amrit lal day international rating chess tournament, and my rating is increase by +9. Now I am a rated player and it cannot be possible without you. so thank you my dear sir.
your sincerely
Md. abu lish ansary
here is my fide id link  
1870 is not that huge for a rating, but it’s excellent after only 6 months of learning! Some people can’t reach this level after many years. You can see the difference that a proper training makes. :)
Getting back to the Women’s World Championship, I’ve selected some really interesting games for you.
Perhaps you know already that your chess game is your self-portrait; It shows your character and your way of thinking.
From this point of view, it’s interesting to notice the difference between men’s and women’s chess style.
–> MEN have more holistic approach and orient on strategic plans.
–> WOMEN are excellent in noticing specific aspects of each given position. Sometimes it helps them to discover very sudden resources!
Now, let’s see if you can guess these women’s plans. :)
Nakhbayeva – Lagno

Black’s turn
How would you play here as Black?
Please, try to find the answer in all 5 positions. At the end I’ll provide the solutions.
Mohota – Ushenina

Black’s turn
Of course you should not just find a single move, but calculate the resulting lines as well.
Ni – Zhukova

Black’s turn
You are playing Black again.
Khurtsidze – Muzychuk

Black’s turn
Many pieces are exchanged already, but still there’s some place for your creativity :)
Now you probably think Ukrainian women can only play Black well. :) Perhaps I should provide a game for White side as well:
Muzychuk – Padmini

White’s turn
If I don’t ask you to think here you would just continue White’s development, wouldn’t you? :)
After you’ve come up with your solutions for all 5 positions, please, download the full games here:LINK You’ll enjoy them for sure! :)
If you want to watch other games from this tournament, you can download all those games here:LINK


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