5 Tips Taken From The Best Chess Course On The Internet

This article contains 5 important tips that will facilitate your chess learning and advancing. The material is prepared by a student of our Remote Chess Academy. He summarized the ideas that worked well for him. There’s a great chance that these tips will be helpful for you just as well.
Without further ado let me present an article of Louis Holtzhausen.

The tips are from the chess courses of GM Igor Smirnov
Chess Course Tip 1: The main idea of a chess game is activity
Isn’t it strange that even after studying a chess course – many chess players still can’t tell you what the main idea of a chess game is?
This is bad because how are you supposed to make good moves if you are not even sure what themain goals are? Once you know that you need to maximize the activity of your pieces, everything else will start to make a lot more sense.
Chess Course Tip 2: Study the middle game plans that relate to your opening
It is a common training mistake that many chess players make – they memorize many opening moves. To play the opening moves from memory can hardly give you any advantage over your opponent. But if you know the typical plans that arise from the opening you play, you can be much better prepared for the game!
When you train your opening moves – focus to understand the middle game plans that are typical to your opening. Training your opening moves in this way makes more sense and is also a lot more enjoyable than simply trying to memorize a lot of moves.
Chess Course Tip 3: Focus to improve your thinking process
Your knowledge about chess is not the factor that will give you the edge in your games! Instead,knowing how to apply every bit of knowledge you have is the skill that will give you the edge.
In fact, too much knowledge will only confuse you if you don’t have a clear thinking system to help you apply all the things you have learnt.
Chess Course Tip 4: A master outplays his opponent with better positional understanding
Chess masters often avoid complications! Yes sure they are good even in complicated positions, but they also know that their main advantage is their deep understanding of chess positions.
A master will outplay their opponent. It will look as if the master wins easily without even doing anything special. This is simply because they have a deep understanding of the game and outplay their weaker opponent slowly but surely.
chess master
Chess Course Tip 5: Focus on the quality of your training instead of the quantity
I have been guilty of this training mistake myself too. Often chess players feel that they will improve by spending a lot of time training a whole lot of chess information. They will even spend hours solving tactical puzzle without seeing any real improvement in their results.
You will benefit more from studying one topic well (QUALITY) than to study many topics superficially (QUANTITY).
One last word from my personal experience:
I have spent many hours discovering the secrets of chess. However, one of the simplest and most profound discoveries that I have made is that it is good to listen to what the chess masters say! They have achieved the pinnacle of chess performance and they know what it takes to get there.
When a master gives advice you should listen carefully!
You can find more tips and information on his high quality chess courses by clicking this link:GM Smirnov’s chess courses (I only recommend chess courses that I have worked with myself and can highly recommend).


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