Holiday Presents for You

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!
There can never be too many greetings, so let me send you my best holiday wishes once again! May peace, joy, and happiness accompany you over the Holidays and your entire 2013 year!
Now we come to the sweetest part. Holidays seem to be a good time for giving PRESENTS, right? :) Thus, I’ll be sending you some nice things to ring in the New Year. Here we go!
For those who want to give a new kick to his or her chess progress in 2013, I have prepared special training PACKAGES. Choose the package suitable for your situation, and it will become your guide towards great chess achievements in 2013.
You can get these training packages for a Holiday (discounted) price until December the 31st
Recently, we received some messages from our long-term students. They can’t make use of “the package offer” because they have purchased nearly all of my courses already. I value this wonderful relationship we have here, and I certainly don’t want you to feel forgotten or left out.
Here’s the solution. Use a discount code HOLIDAY20 and you’ll get a 20% discount on any course of your choosing.
Note: you can find detailed instructions on how to use a discount code here: LINK
Everybody should be happy these days! :) If you can’t afford a paid course now, you still should get a present, right? :) I’ve prepared something nice for you as well.
Do you read chess books or articles sometimes? I think it’s safe to assume that you do. Perhaps you also strive to highlight and remember the most important ideas and rules from those books.
I have some good news. I’ve already made this work for you.
I have a large chess library of both paper and digital chess books, and I’ve read most classical tutorials. As you have, I selected the most important rules and systematized them for myself. Later on, I added some extra rules from my playing and coaching practice.
I’ve never shared my “golden rules” with the public, but I’ll make a Holiday exception for you. :)
Let’s start from the beginning: chess openingsDownload ALL main opening rules existing in chess theory – within 1 document!
You don’t need to spend years going through various chess books when you can get all of the core ideas within one document!
Please keep in mind that all Holiday Offers will expire very soon on December 31st.