Happy Holidays!

I wish you a wonderful Holiday Season! May it bring you lots of smiles, presents and positive emotions! :) And of course I’d like to wish you many pleasant victories: both in your chess battles and any other challenges you may have!
Also I’d like to thank everybody for participating in a recent survey! We received a lot of feedback and now are analyzing everything carefully. During the next 2013 year we’ll be working on answering your questions and realizing your proposals.
What are YOUR chess plans for the upcoming year? New Year is a very suitable time to sum up your past results, and arrange future plans.
If you develop a good training plan for 2013, it will favor your steady progress.
In order to simplify this task for you, I combined the courses into PACKAGES suitable for different level students. Choose your package, and it will become your training guide during the next 6-12 months. Make 2013 the best chess year you ever had!
Good news: during this holiday season, till December the 31st you can get any package on a special discounted price.