How can they do it?

I’m sure you have watched a video or perhaps read a book, where a Grandmaster analyzes his game.
Most likely, you are surprised by how DEEP his analysis goes. Some GM opening analysis goes all the way to move 30. Sometimes, they analyze unclear middlegame positions all the way to the 20th move and evaluate the resulting position.
OK, most of these commentators perform the ‘Copy and Paste’ technique. They copy computer analysis and paste them to impress you :) BUT nah, I’m not talking about them. Rather, I’m talking about REALLY great players who do the hard task of deep and TRUE analysis by themselves (like Kasparov etc).
I’m sure you asked: “How can they do it?”

Positions, especially unclear ones, contain an almost endless amount of variations. How can they calculate all of them?
Many average chess players think that it’s all because of their outstanding calculation skills. HOWEVER, guess what: the real secret does NOT lie in their laser-accurate calculation!
Let’s be real, there are too many variations in any position. Even computer can’t calculate them all. Plus, when playing over-the-board, we are restricted by time. You can’t spend more than 10-15 minutes for 1 move.
Now I’ll tell you the REAL secret of GMs:
Weak players use their calculation skills BUT…
Strong players use their STRATEGICAL skills (even while calculating variations!)
GMs reject most of moves without any calculation (intuitively)! In fact they calculate only 1-2 moves, which seem logical for them. And this is the REAL task. GMs use their sharpened positional understanding to dramatically trim down the need for calculations and hit on the RIGHT move!
I’ll give you an example. Imagine…the starting position. :)
White has 20 possible moves here. However, there are 2 BEST options: 1.e4 and 1.d4. Only these 2 moves help white to develop pieces and struggle for the center in the most effective way. A similar thing happens almost in any position!
GMs can get benefit out of this idea. They can calculate such 1-2 best moves and totally clarify the situation. Such skill brings fantastic results! This is how Kasparov analyzed his openings until… a winning endgame!
Now I’ll expose another little secret :) Positional understanding is a topic of my new course. Here I included a WHOLE explanation of a chess game, so that you can FULLY UNDERSTAND IT. Perhaps it sounds too optimistic, but it’s true! With all confidence, I will tell you that my new course is a BOMB!
Heck, even my strategical understanding went up significantly while preparing these materials for you. It was a nice surprise for me. :)
For the mean time, I’d like to give you a TASK.
Find the best move for white. First, you certainly should think by yourself. After that (!) you should turn on your computer engine and analyze the position with your program.
In the next issue I’ll give you the answer and will explain why this task is important. Then you will check up yourself.
A QUICK NOTE: there is NO need to send the best move to me; I know it already! :)
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