How to win endgames like Magnus Carlsen?

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magnus carlsen journey of a world champion
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With this happy note, let’s get straight to the topic. Have you ever found yourself in an endgame where it was so boring that you could not find any good moves, while your opponent just seems to know what to do? Today we’ll be discussing how Magnus Carlsen plays in such quiet endgames and most importantly, manages to win the game easily.
Before that, I’d like to ‘warn’ you that it is very important to study such endgames. If you don’t give much importance in this area, you’ll keep struggling to find good moves. Let’s take a look at an ending from Magnus’s game.

Magnus Carlsen is playing Black in this game. Please, take a moment and try to evaluate this position. Who do you think it is better and why? It’s Black to play – can you find a good continuation for Black?
Well, it looks like a quiet position from a boring endgame, isn’t it? It’s not the case for Carlsen – yes, he won this game. I’d like to insist that it’s not a very rare occurrence for Magnus to win such positions. As you may have seen, he has been doing that time after time. He calmly outmaneuvers his opponents for a very long time.
How does he do that? How can you do the same? You can watch the video snippet, where you can see how Carlsen found the winning plan in the above endgame. ๐Ÿ™‚