The Grandmaster’s Secrets – second edition

When the Remote Chess Academy (RCA) started some years back, the first course I created was the “Grandmaster’s Secrets”. Thousands of my students have studied this course and made some improvement (huge and small) in their chess career.

However, I’ll be honest with you – there were some negative reviews as well. Some said that the presentation of the lessons was not that good compared to their quality. I have been thinking about this for quite some time, and now we have decided to polish the course and take it to the next level.
Chess CourseAnd thus is born the course, “The Grandmaster’s Secrets – second edition”. :) Before you ask me the question, What’s new in the second edition?”, I’ll answer it:

  • The PowerPoint presentations used for the video lessons have been made more informative and engaging
  • The videos are now in HD format
  • The videos have been recorded by a native English speaker
  • The comments for the games in the practical part of the course have been polished and enlarged slightly

If your next question is, “I’ve already studied the ‘GM’s Secrets’ – should I buy the course again?”: well, in that case, you need NOT buy the course again – the second edition is FREE for you, if you have studied it already. :)

Note: if you have already studied the course, you’ll be contacted in the following days and provided with the second edition for FREE.

Special discount

As usual when we celebrate the release of a new course, I’m providing you with a huge 25% discount on the new edition of this course! :)
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The coupon will be valid from today until Friday, 4 March (inclusive).

If you haven’t yet studied the course, this is the perfect opportunity for you: grab the second edition – an improved version of the course – at a huge 25% discount. Don’t miss it! :)
Grandmaster Secrets

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