Special gift voucher – final reminder

A few days ago, I announced that a special gift voucher worth $15 on all RCA products would be provided for all those who rate our courses in Udemy and give their feedback. If you missed this, you can read it here.

Once again, let me mention our courses in Udemy:

If you have enrolled in any of these courses, then all you need do is to study the course, rate it and write your feedback.

Note: to write your feedback and rate the course (and to study our courses), you need to have an account in Udemy. If you don’t have one, it’s easy to create one – please see the FAQ here.

Review course in UdemyYou can see how to write a course review in Udemy here.

If you have enrolled in all of the above-mentioned courses, great! You can write your feedback about all our courses. Be honest with your review, for it will help other students as well. :)

Moreover, the special $15 gift voucher can be used in one of the following ways – you can either purchase a course and save $15 by using the voucher, or even get a premium video (worth around $15) for FREE!
Gift Voucher
After you submit your review/feedback through Udemy, we will contact you within a few days and provide you with the voucher.

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