In what way can chess training help you?

Recently, I came across some very interesting news and I’m very happy to share it with you: Spanish schools have introduced chess class to boost maths learning for their students.
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More precisely, just an hour of chess training a week can improve a pupil’s performance in maths by 30%, as schools across Spain are finding out. In an effort to boost their pupils’ low maths and reading marks, more and more Spanish schools are holding chess clubs – and some could even make it a compulsory class.

It really increases your mental capacity. I have improved a lot,” said Alvaro, an eleven-year-old student at a chess group in his school north of Madrid.

One of the instructors divides the lesson time between chess games, theory, and showing the pupils “cool things that they really like, moves like ‘the nail’ and the ‘x-ray attack’.

Chess as an official educational tool
The southern Russian region of Kalmykia is seen as the pioneer in using chess as an official educational tool, having introduced it as a school subject in 1996. Armenia became the first country to apply the policy nationwide in 2011. Mexico followed in 2014, as well as parts of China, India and Germany.

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Let’s discuss!

What do you think about making chess a compulsory or optional subject in schools? I would appreciate your thoughts and ideas on this. Feel free to write your comments below. :)

WHY chess?

chess brainWhy do people play chess? What is the useful effect of this game? I have already answered these questions in my past articles:

How to train effectively in chess?

There are many questions that may arise when it comes to training. Below are some:
  • The number of hours per day spent on each aspect of chess?
  • How and what to train with only 1-2 hours free per week?
  • How to make steady progress?
  • How to work best when alone?
  • Scheduling for an effective study plan
  • And lots more
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designTo finish today’s article, let’s ‘boost’ our minds!
Sasikiran – Gerzhoy
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