Happy Diwali and more photos from my trip to India

Once again, let me wish a very Happy Diwali to everyone who celebrates this festival! Let it bring you more inspiration and prosperity. Let it brighten your face with a smile and bring new positive feelings to you and yours! :) 
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designI’d like to take this opportunity to share some more impressions of the recent seminars I conducted in India.

Firstly, it’s great that such a huge chess event happened. Some of the seminars attracted 100+ students, which is quite aunique case for the chess world. People came from the different states of India, even though some had to travel a long distance.
GM Igor Smirnov's seminarIn Vellore, I played a simul on 70 boards! By comparison, in Russia the simuls are usually held on 15-20 boards only. The national newspaper, The Hindu, as well as other local newspapers and TV channels, covered the seminars.

All in all, I believe the seminars will benefit not only the attendees but overall chess development in India as well.

I’m very thankful to everyone who supported these seminars! In fact, I have fallen in love with the country and its people. :)The hospitality of Indians is overwhelming, and their chess enthusiasm is on the top level, too.

After the airplane landed in India, I was met by the Indian team members of our Remote Chess Academy. It was very pleasant to have real communication with the people I have worked with via the internet for years.
RCAThey are absolutely wonderful people and have put a lot of hard effort into the organization of these seminars in India. Lots of other people have contributed to the successful conduct of the seminars, too.

D.V. Sundar, FIDE Vice President, works in a small office but makes a HUGE contribution to chess development in India. He supported the RCA seminars in India, too, and kindly encouraged me to continue or even to stay in India permanently.
GM Igor Smirnov's seminar
Mr D.V. Sundar is on the right; I’m in the center

The person on the left is V. Hariharan, Secretary of AICF and TNSCA. He does huge and sincere work in popularizing and teaching chess.

During our conversation, he asked me: “What do you plan to do for chess in the future?” That was a mistake from his side. :)For, I have too many ideas…
GM Igor Smirnov's seminarDifferent ideas of mine got very different reactions from Hariharan. :)

Surprisingly for me, even people who are outside chess supported the RCA seminars.
GM Igor Smirnov's seminarSecond from left is Babaji Rajah Bhonsle, Senior Prince and Hereditary Trustee of Palace Devasthanam.
Interesting fact: this man is a descendant of Maratta King Serfoji II
Perhaps the most unexpected invitation to a meeting came from Sri Sakthi Amma – the man who built the magnificent Golden Temple in Vellore.
Golden Temple Vellore
GM Igor Smirnov's seminarDuring our conversation, I came to know that he supports various humanitarian activities.

It’s so pleasant to see this huge support for chess in India! In light of that, I’m not surprised at the great results of Indian players in the World Youth Championship, and I’m sure that future successes are coming.
GM Igor Smirnov's seminarFinally, I’d like to thank everyone who attended the seminars! I’m so happy to communicate with you!
thank you
P.S. Don’t forget to inform me of your chess victories! :)
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