Corner Pawn Attack in Chess Part-2

In the previous lesson, GM Levan Aroshidze gave you an introduction to the “Corner Pawn Attack” (CPA), along with a few examples from his own games. If you missed that, you can watch it now here.
GM Levan Aroshidze

Also, in the first part of the lesson, Levan told you that this CPA can be used in various stages of the game (mainly when your opponent has a fianchettoed pawn structure or when both of you have castled on opposite sides).

In the second part of the lesson, Levan will provide you with some more examples where CPA has been used in different instances of the chess game. And not random examples: these are practical examples – and some of the games are played by Grandmasters like Smyslov, Kramnik and Sutovsky.
chess corner pawn attack
Additionally, you will also learn about the different purposes and benefits of CPA:
  • destroying the opponent’s king defense
  • opening the file for your rook
  • creating a potentially passed pawn/creating an advanced pawn
  • sacrificing ideas
  • creating/fixing the weakness
  • and lots more
You can watch the video lesson below:

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