Today I have sudden but pleasant news: I’m going to conduct my first live seminar in India soon. :)
indiaI have a lot of friends and students from India who have asked me many times to visit their country. Finally, I’ve decided to travel to India and conduct a seminar.
This is an absolutely unique event. Although I’ve had a decent number of private students, and have being coaching through the internet for many years, I’ve never made my seminars live thus far. If you are interested in chess improvement, you now have a unique opportunity to boost your performance under my personal guidance.

igorOf course, I would also be very pleased to meet you personally after so many interactions via the internet. :)
In short, I’m going to conduct two seminars:
1)     For students who wish to improve their chess power.
2)     For coaches who wish to raise their professional level.
seminarI’m not sure about the date of the seminar, but most likely it’ll be in October 2015. The seminar will be paid and will take place in India.
In order to make the seminar as useful and convenient as possible for you, I need to know your preferences. Please take part in the survey and share your thoughts with me.
survey                            <<Survey link for students>>                                                        <<Survey link for coaches>>

The survey is anonymous, contains seven questions and will only take 1-2 minutes of your time.
If you plan to take part in the seminar, or at least consider this opportunity, please take part in the survey. See you soon! :)
designAnd to finish with, let me test your ‘quick-finish’ skills:)
Black to play
It’s Black’s turn in the above position. What is the best continuation for Black? After calculating all possible variations, you may check the whole game here: LINK

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