A to Z about Isolated Pawns – Introduction

Recently, I made the announcement that the next webinar “A to Z about Isolated Pawns” would be conducted for you by IM Attila Turzo on Saturday, 4 April at 3 p.m. GMT (check timings here: LINK).
Meanwhile, IM Turzo has prepared a nice video lesson for you – to energize and make you get ready for his webinar on Saturday. :)
You can watch the video lesson below:
If you enjoyed the lesson, would you please share the video with your friends and write your comments below the video or even in the comments section below the article.
Moreover, if you enjoyed his 30-minute introductory lesson, then you’ll definitely enjoy and learn a lot from his 90-minute webinar:)
isolated pawn
During his webinar, you’ll learn about the following things:
  • Whether having an isolated pawn is an advantage or a disadvantage?
  • How to play the correct moves when having an isolated pawn?
  • How to make an attack when having an isolated pawn?
  • What should your typical plans be when you have an isolated pawn or play against it?
  • Whether or not to exchange the isolated pawn?
  • And lots more.
If you wish to join the webinar, then please do so right now – seats are limited to 100 only, and they are already being taken by other students as well!

<<Join the webinar now>>

P.S. I just want to let you know that something exciting will happen this month. Stay tuned! :) Talk to you soon.


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