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Today, I’ve some good news for you. Recently, we conducted a survey and I’m glad that many of you took part in it and shared your suggestions with me. As you may know, we always want to give you the BEST:)
In the Remote Chess Academy, we want to be in touch with you regularly to know and understand your requirements, in order to ensure that we try our best to fulfil everyone’s needs.

If you see regular changes (such as new products, offers and different updates on our website), it’s because we DO take your feedback into account. :)
Therefore, in the recent survey, it was noticed that many of you requested private coaching from me and books/lessons from specific authors/GMs.
In chess (and also in any sport), one of the important training methods is private coaching. For instance, even the world champion Magnus Carlsen or any other top GM needs private coaching. Why is it important? After all, Carlsen is the world champion and his rating is higher than his coach’s – but still, why do they need a coach?
Not only in chess, but also in any sport, having a private coach is a very important factor for a player’s improvement and progress in that game. Coaches will not only teach their students but will also analyse and evaluate them, helping the player psychologically.
In chess, a coach can help a player with a lot of things like:
  • mental encouragement
  • investigate the student’s and also the opponent’s weaknesses
  • prepare opening lines
  • provide psychological tips
  • provide the student with important top-level games
  • identify and establish the player’s potentialtalent and thinking skills. And the list goes on…
As I said, such things not only apply in chess but also in any sport.
(Also, I have already discussed the qualities of a good coach here: LINK)
Therefore, we have prepared a survey about private coaching and we would likeyou to take part in it. Moreover, in return, you will get a nice present – thesummary of the lesson “Misguided Techniques”. :)
Let me explain about the survey now.
The prime reason for and the purpose of this survey is that we want to know your thoughts and needs about having private chess lessons from trained coaches in RCA. The survey has about eight questions and almost all of them are pretty simple.
Regarding this private coaching feature, we may allow any professional coach to give lessons. Thus, we can engage a lot of different coachestitled players, etc. for you to choose from. Alternatively, we can prepare the coaches ourselves. They would follow RCA principles of teaching. Therefore, in this case, the quantity of coaching will be limited to a group of “certified RCA coaches“.
In any case, we’d like to know YOUR opinion about this. Therefore, it would be very helpful if you can let us know your needs by taking part in the survey! :)

<<Take part in the survey now>>

We are investigating both the quantity of interested STUDENTS and COACHES. Therefore:
  • If you are a student, who would like to get private coaching – please, let us know your needs and preferences.
  • If you are a coach, and want to improve your professional level, get new students and support chess fans all around the globe – let us know about you! (this relates to the questions 7 and 8 in the survey)
Please, take a little time to help us understand your needs. We’ll appreciate that a lot, and will be glad to reward you with a nice present.
Spoiler alert: Something exciting will happen this month! :)
Finally, let me check your tactical skills and see if you are strong enough. :)
Black to play
White has just made a blunder by playing Qd2; how can Black make use of it? Can you find the tactical blow?
After calculating all possible variations, find the solution here: LINK
P.S. We’ll certainly be considering everyone’s opinion and will do our best to bring these into action. If you want to say anything else, feel free to write it in comments below.


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