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First, let me remind you that today is the LAST chance for you to get the new course “Unlocking the Grandmaster’s Mind” (LINK) with special offers (LINK).
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Meanwhile, one of my students has already bought the course and started studying it. Let me share his feedback about the new course with you:
I have purchased the new course on 29 January 2015. Enjoyed the introduction by GM Igor Smirnov. A very finely crafted course I can say as of now (as I am studying other lessons).”
- JP Singh, India
Thanks for providing your feedback, JP Singh. It’s great to know that you’re enjoying the new course! I wish you well-deserved and great success. :)
After studying this course, YOU will adopt the advanced skills used byGrandmasters, which will bring YOU closer to this top level.
Also, you can find much more detailed information about the course, and how it will help you to improve your game, here: LINK
Also, as I said before, after studying this course, please leave your comments below about your first impressions of the course. You may also let us know your feedback by contacting us: LINK
Talking about how a Grandmaster thinks, let me test your planning and thinking skills. :)
White to play
Even though it seems that White is looking better, there is no idea or plan to make use of this advantage at the moment. Black is under pressure, but is defending. White now finds a good plan that allows him to attack the Black king. Can you find it?
After calculating all moves, you may find the answer here: LINK

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