How to play with or against an isolated pawn?

Before getting into this topic, let me ask you a simple question. Have you ever played with or against an isolated pawn and won that game or even fought hard? Or were you facing any trouble playing with/against an isolated pawn?

 There are two famous quotes on the “Isolated pawn” in chess. They go like this:
“The isolated pawn casts gloom over the entire chessboard.”
-  Aaron Nimzowitsch
“He who fears the isolated queen’s pawn should give up chess.”
-  Siegbert Tarrasch
Of course, we don’t want YOUR chessboard to be gloomy when you play. Also, we don’t want YOU to fear the isolated pawn and give up chess! :)
So if you have been facing problems playing with/against an isolated pawn, then you can forget about that ‘problem’ now! :)
To help you out, we’ve invited our old friend, and a very strong GM MIkhailo Oleksienko, to give you a nice and instructive lesson on this topic.
Therefore, I’ve published a new lesson for you, “How to play with or against the isolated pawn?”, prepared by GM Oleksienko.
In this lesson, you’ll learn about the following things when playing with/against an isolated pawn:
  • How to and where to place your pieces, to make an attack?
  • What should your typical plan be?
  • Should you go for an exchange of pieces under such situations?
  • How to play actively?
  • What you should generally do when you have an isolated pawn?
  • And lots more.
isolated pawn
You can watch the video lesson below:
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