How to get rid of psychological problems? And offers on new book

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A few days ago, I published the teaser video on my new book Champion Psychology for you. Today, I’ll share with you much more interesting information about the book.
Firstly, let me share with you some of the questions that my students asked me.
How to avoid tension during the game? How to keep us in the top of our playing condition and psychological condition? And another most common problem: Double ( +++ …) checking of variations, even simple variations leading to time trouble at the end of the game.. I mean, yes, how to avoid doubting our own calculation and save time on the clock ..etc?

I get too nervous from other people around watching my game.I try already to find a place far away from other people and put my earplugs. But yet they come to watch it and I feel annoyed by that.
 These are my problems and I hope you have the right advice for me to carry me over the 1600 border asap.
And I’ve been receiving many such similar questions regarding the typical psychological problems that almost every chess player faces.
As I said before, to answer the above questions (and also to answer many other such questions that I received), I decided to write the book “Champion Psychology”.
Therefore, today I’d like to share the introduction to the book as a preview foryou:) Let’s get started.
So, how to get rid of nervousnessfears, and psychological pressure? The bad news: there’s no way to do so!
There’s a psychological joke:
Try not to think about a green monkey.
It’s simply impossible to do so. If you try to “not think about a monkey,” then a monkey is exactly what you are thinking about.
Another good analogy is the question, “How to get rid of darkness in a room?
There’s no way to get rid of darkness, but instead you can turn on the light. We may also recollect famous warriors of the past. They put their lives on the line many times without fear. Did they find a secret pill against fear?
No, they set their minds to something else instead – something important andmeaningful. This great IDEA has filled their mind, not leaving any free space for other thoughts and emotions to creep in.
Luckily, we are in a much more comfortable situation now. Even if your king getskilled (which is the original meaning of “checkmate”), there’s no danger to your own life:) Therefore, it’s definitely possible to stay coolplay well and enjoy the royal game of chess.
There’s no way to get rid of nervousness. And there’s no need for that. Instead, you just need to set your mind to the right things.
Handling emotions during a chess game is just the same as in any other life situation. Therefore, after reading this book, you’ll be able to realise your full potential in chess, as well as in other areas of your life. :)
I hope you enjoyed reading it. If so, GREAT, because you’ll definitely enjoy reading the whole book too! :)
So this brings us to the next question: what can YOU learn from this book?
After studying this book, you’ll learn:
  • How to demonstrate top performance under psychological pressure?
  • The most powerful psychological weapon that world champions or top GMs usually use.
  • Exactly how to use your intuition for decision making?
  • How to calculate variations quickly and efficiently?
  • How to achieve your chess goals?
  • How to develop your champion psychology?
  • And lots more…
I think that’s enough said about the book – so let’s move on to the coolest part.
Guess what? Maybe you got it – yes, the book will be released on Wednesday 25 February:) But wait, that’s not all.
To celebrate this special event, I’m going to provide you with some exciting offersand a discount, as usual!
Special Offer:
Do you want to attend my webinar, “Press your opponents like Carlsen”, on 28 February for FREE? Yes, you can – all you need do is be among the first 100 buyersof my book. :)
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  • Remaining buyers until 27 Feb (inclusive) will receive the recording of my webinar “Press your opponents like Carlsen“.
This time, I’m going to provide you with a 25% DISCOUNT on my book! :)
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