Our News and Your Questions

Today I’ve been considering what lesson to record for you next. But then I decided to simply ask YOU about it. Feel free to write your chess questions in the comments area below.
  • Here I’m talking about my free video lessons that are usually around 10-30 minutes in length. Thus I’ll probably be unable to answer huge questions that require a large and comprehensive answer.
  • I always try to answer all questions from my students. However, due to a huge quantity of students and a lack of free time, I simply cannot promise a reply to every query.
Nevertheless, please don’t hesitate to send me ANY questions. Sooner or later I’ll be able to reply to most of them. :)
We have a vacancy of Student Support Officer! The Remote Chess Academy is growing constantly, and thus we need to engage more people. So now you have an excellent opportunity to join our team. If you are interested, please read the information here: LINK
Some months ago, I wrote that I’m developing a new openings course. After making that announcement, a lot of people have asked when it will be ready. I now have the answer. It will hopefully be finalized by the end of October. Although this isn’t a firm deadline, we’ll do our very best to be on time.
Always have a plan!
I’m sorry for the rather huge delay. We’ve been working on this new opening course since spring and it takes a lot of time.
In order to find the best variation in a certain opening, sometimes it’s necessary to analyze ALL of the variations. We have to dig through a lot of ground before we can find some gold. :)
I’ve never really thought about it before, but yesterday I discovered that my chess courses have been studied by students from 125 different countries! I honestly didn’t even know about the existence of some of these countries. :)
It’s really great that with the help of modern technologies one can study/play chess anywhere in the world.
In the recent article, How to Become a Titled Player?, I wrote about the importance of interacting with strong players. Nowadays, the Internet can greatly simplify this task for you.
I’ve since asked our Webmaster to add all of the students to the world map, and the result is pretty cool. :)
In the comments for the previous lesson some people said that the puzzle was simple. No problem, I have a slightly more complex position for you as well. :)
Alekhine – NN
White’s turn
Positions with 5 queens on the board don’t happen very often. :) So now you have a unique chance to test your creativity. How would you play here as White?
After you find the right move, please download the solution from here: LINK