Intellectual Sport

Recently I gave an interview to a Ukrainian TV channel. The 2 most popular questions that non-chess playing people asked me were:
1. Why do people play chess?
2. Why do players need chess coaches when there are so many books, videos etc?
If we want to raise the popularity of chess, we should EXPLAIN its value to people. There’s an old and wise idea that “People criticize what they do not understand”.

In this article I’m going to answer the 1st question (and I’ll answer the 2nd question in one of the next lessons). So, why do people play chess?
In this modern world where hard physical work is delegated to machines, your mental power becomes most important.
Your BRAIN becomes your main weapon and your major competitive advantage.
Thus, if you want to get greater results, you need to sharpen your mind first.
brain exercise
How can you increase your mind power? Similar to physical power, your mind power will not go up by itself. And pure desire will not change anything either.
If you really want to progress (go beyond your current capacities) you need to dospecial training REGULARLY.
In order to increase physical power – you perform physical sports.
In order to increase your brain power – you need an intellectual sport. And that is CHESS.
This approach puts focus not on chess, but on a PERSON that plays chess. We use chess as a tool for SELF-IMPROVEMENT.
Victory is mine!
Chess is an intellectual sport that develops your mental power and champion psychology. This helps you be the WINNER in chess and in life. 
Now I have a little test for your tactical skills. 2 cool games were played a few days ago. Try to find the solution in positions below.
Moiseenko – Rapport
White’s move
White is up a piece and therefore his position is winning. However, due to little quantity of remaining pawns, Black has some practical chances for a draw.
Right now, Black is double attacking White’s a2 and c3 pawns. Can White save them somehow?
Meier – Kramnik
White’s move
Recently, Black won a pawn and the White position was weakened. In this critical situation White found the sudden resource 32.Nf6!
How would you handle it as Black?
Black’s move
After you’ve found the solution for both positions, you can download the whole games (with comments) here: LINK
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