Cool Games & The Art of Attack

Today I’ve prepared 2 different games for you, both of which are really cool! :)
–> The first example is rather enthralling; it will be a warm up and a test of your tactical skills.
–> The 2nd game will illustrate some important ATTACKING ideas. Please, take it seriously. I haven’t included a lot of stuff in this lesson because I want that you FOCUS on this game, and learn it thoroughly.

Without further ado, let’s move on and get started.

White player heard something about development, but started from the wrong piece :) You’ll finish off that centralized king easily, don’t you? So how should Black play now?
After you find the right move, please, download the solution here: LINK
Note: if you can’t open *.pgn files – please, read the instructions here: LINK

Please find the right continuation for White.
After that download the solution and study this WHOLE game carefullyLINK
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