Why do people play chess?

Really, why? I mean its not necessary for humans life; it doesnt produce any goods etc. So why do you play chess? ( I bet you didn't expect such a question?)

Of course there are many possible answers. Ill give you a few strong reasons

How to slow down an aging?

Millions dollars have been spent on scientific research of this question. They discovered one main (the most powerful) means.

The main organ we all have is a BRAIN. Therefore we should care about it first of all. The main method
to keep your brain in a good shape is a MENTAL ACTIVITY.

Active mental work slows down an aging on 40-60%! As usual the greatest solution is the simplest one

This brings us to the next questions:

How often do you think?

Always? Well, it’s right, but its not what I mean.

Your brain is an extremely powerful device. It’s much more perfect than any computer or anything else. The quantity of neurons in your brain is similar to the quantity of stars on the sky (outer space)!

So when do you really Think? How often do you solve problems which your brain deserves?

You wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom, take your breakfast etc. You perform all these
operations mechanically (without thinking really). If you make similar work again and again, there is NO
need to use your brain also.

Few people think more than two or three times a year; I have made an international reputation for myself by thinking once or twice a week.
George Bernard Shaw

And this is not a joke!

Chess game is a great solution!

While playing chess you have to think constantly. You solve hard mental tasks over and over again. A
time limitation forces your brain to work even harder!

This training improves your mental skills, your thinking process. This will bear positive influence on your life in

Physical exercises improve your body. 
Mental exercises improve your brain.

Since we are homo sapience, a brain activity should be more important for us 

Chess improves your psychological skills.

This is the 2nd important argument for playing chess.

Chess game/tournament creates highly competitive situation for you. You need to have a strong character in such circumstances.

I developed my strong character by using chess. A.Alekhine.

Chess gives you a constant and objective feedback (your results, rating, your final standing in a tournament). It shows you clearly your psychological (mental) weaknesses. Therefore this gives you great possibilities for self-improvement (as a chess player, and as a personality).

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brain work. You will know how to digest new information easily and how to get new useful skills. Also
you will know how to do it in the most efficient way!
By using this knowledge you will speed up your chess progress and will enjoy greater results. 

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